Morning Docket: 07.13.18


* Roy Moore threatens to sue Showtime because he’s one of the few people left on the planet that can’t recognize Sacha Baron Cohen. [Variety]

* Apparently, the court frowns upon handjobs in their conference rooms. [Columbus Dispatch]

* The Daily Journal published some thoughts on Justice Kennedy’s retirement from Alex Kozinski, reminding everyone again about that Kozinski-Kavanaugh connection. [Slate]

* Law firm leaders are optimistic that they’re about to see some growth in demand despite years and years of evidence to the contrary. [American Lawyer]

* Opioid dealers incensed that they may have to pay some sort of penalty for all that “human misery.” [New York Law Journal]

* Washington’s AG announces agreement ending fast food non-compete policies for their workers. Yes… fast food restaurants have “non-compete” agreements. [Seattle Times]

* Hackers are selling access to law firms for $3500 which isn’t a new phenomenon. [CNBC]
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