Morning Docket: 07.12.18


* Brett Kavanaugh built up around $200K in debt buying Washington Nationals tickets. This may be the Federalist Society’s biggest vetting failure ever because all real conservative jurists would say they went $200K in debt buying Montreal Expos tickets. [Deadspin]

* Ohio pulls obscure law out of a hat to harass Stormy Daniels for daring to point out that Donald Trump is a scumbag. [NY Times]

* “Jesus never broke immigration law” says Evangelical Trumper whose religion is entirely based on a guy admitting he was an outlaw and getting the death penalty for it. [Vox]

* Just when you were getting used to WestlawNext, WestlawEdge is here to radically change the game. [LegaltechNews]

* Texas professors who don’t want to die will take their case to the Fifth Circuit. [CBS News]

* Lawyer says Shady orchestrated the assault on his ex. [Denver Post]

* Trump pardoned the thugs who put the lives of firefighters in danger and then inspired an armed standoff with federal officers and then Mike Pence’s buddy gave them a private jet home. [Oregon Live]
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