Morning Docket: 11.14.17


* Jeff Sessions is considering a special counsel to probe the Clinton Foundation. This seems like an unforced error. Sure it generates some negative buzz about Democrats, but doesn’t it also handcuff the administration from firing Mueller or pardoning anyone Mueller charges? [Huffington Post]

* Law schools are offering more animal law courses and clinics which doesn’t grossly exceed demand at all. [Texas Lawyer]

* Brett Talley, the unqualified ghost hunter seeking to become the apotheosis of Trump’s judicial nomination strategy forgot to mention that his wife is a White House attorney on his conflict disclosure. That’s cool, it’s not like the executive branch ever has a stake in litigation. [The Hill]

* Does the hard drinking culture of law firms contribute to sexual harassment? No, if you’re a drunk scumbag that means you were probably a scumbag to begin with. Don’t blame the good people at Jack Daniel’s for it. []

* The jurors in the trial of Senator Menendez are deadlocked, but have to trudge forward anyway… for now. This all just pushes off the point where he’s acquitted because McDonnell made public corruption legal. [ABC News]

* Roy Moore was banned from a mall for targeting teen girls. I presume this fact will drive his support among evangelicals even higher! [NY Daily News]

* Not one, but two lawyers are in the race to become the next president of U.S. soccer. [American Lawyer]

* Justice Kennedy is going to be the swing vote in Masterpiece Cakeshop… so how do the lawyers tailor their arguments to him. [Empirical SCOTUS]
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