Non-Sequiturs: 07.27.17


* More details on the lawyer who took down the University of Florida’s general counsel. [Deadspin]

* Welp, this is what happens when they stop teaching treason at Harvard Law School. [Salon]

* “Too skinny” is a bad thing when it applies to your health insurance. [The Slot]

* The House Judiciary Committee is just bonkers, y’all. [Wonkette]

* You should probably be stocking up on these. [Corporette]

* Is your privacy taking a beating in the war against opioids? [Overlawyered]

* Advice for lawyers: pick up the damn phone. [Wisconsin Lawyer]

* Rikers Island traded one awful practice for another. [Pacific Standard]

* Will this terrible murder be the beginning of an era of regulation for the cruise line industry? [Law and More]
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