Morning Docket: 07.11.17


* We welcome Alan Futerfas to the party. This administration said it would create jobs, but I don’t think any of us expected they’d all be jobs for criminal defense attorneys. [The Independent]

* Witness says Martin Shkreli’s focus reminded him of Raymond Babbitt from Rain Man. That’s funny, because his smarmy appearance and despicable greed reminded me of Charlie Babbitt. [Law360]

* The CFPB wants to ban clauses that prevent consumers from opting out of arbitration. Conservative groups vow to block the rule because freedom requires waiving your rights through adhesion contracts. []

* Speaking of how financial institutions never do anything wrong so people shouldn’t have the right to sue them, Wells Fargo tentatively set to pay $142 million to settle claims arising from its fake accounts scandal. [Courthouse News Service]

* An interview with Floyd Abrams discussing his new book, The Soul of the First Amendment (affiliate link). [Coverage Opinions]

* In case you missed it, the judge has tossed the University of Texas faculty members’ challenge to the state’s “an armed classroom is a polite classroom” law. [Texas Tribune]

* A real-time experiment testing which in-house practices and law firm attributes tend to produce the strongest relationships, satisfaction, and results. So we’ll finally be able to quantify “give me the moon and charge me nothing.” [Corporate Counsel]

* If you’re going to San Diego Comic Con next week, be sure to hit up these legal panels. There’s the mock trial of Luke Cage on Friday and an omnibus Star Wars panel featuring California Supreme Court Justice Mariano-Florentino Cuellar, Ninth Circuit Judge John B. Owens, former Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal and other jurists discuss the legal issues of a galaxy far, far away. [The Legal Geeks]
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