Morning Docket: 06.29.17


* Phone sex operators are suing over labor law violations. Because, fittingly, you’re not supposed to be able to f**k phone sex operators. []

* The National Law Journal continues to milk its ability to count because that’s value add journalism! Today they count lawyers by city. [National Law Journal]

* A list of high profile pro bono matters that Biglaw firms have taken on. Does your firm make the list? [American Lawyer]

* Newly revealed FIFA report finds “appearance of improprieties.” Yes, awarding an athletic tournament to a country with 120 degree weather and a slave labor bid does appear improper. Glad we got to the bottom of that. [Corporate Counsel]

* Lawyers explain their travel hacks. [ABA Journal]

* Divorce lawyer is also a matador. This isn’t some kind of metaphor — he fights bulls. [Chicago Tribune]

* Nikki Haley becomes the latest official to run into Hatch Act trouble. [NPR]

* Justice Breyer is the most talkative justice on the Supreme Court. I wonder who’s the least talkative… [Law360]
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