Morning Docket: 05.23.17


* Trump’s reportedly close to selecting outside counsel. According to these reports, the top contenders are Robert Giuffra Jr., Marc Kasowitz, Theodore Olson and Reid Weingarten. [The Hill]

* Speaking of Trump, he’s asking the D.C. Circuit to delay a ruling on health care subsidies because throwing markets into chaos is the new normal. [NY Times]

* Sessions suggests that sanctuary cities will lose Justice and Homeland Security funds if they don’t affirmatively prove that they’re deputizing themselves to federal immigration officials. That really puts in the proper perspective exactly how committed this guy is to actually keeping people safe from crime. [USA Today]

* La La Anthony has hired a top-notch divorce lawyer. “Carmelo is still in denial and thinks he can fix his marriage.” Well, he still thinks he can fix the Knicks too so…. [Page Six]

* Dorsey & Whitney is out and Proskauer is in, much to the judge’s dismay. [Law360]

* DOE releases some loan money to Charlotte Law students. [ABA Journal]
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