Morning Docket: 05.16.17


* Was your firm disabled by a cyberattack? Probably not if you’re still reading this. [Am Law Daily]

* All these “classified intelligence” headlines miss the point. It’s not like Trump told them the nuclear codes or anything — he warned them about a possible terror plot. The problem is that haphazard handling of secrets could mess up future intelligence gathering and put sources at risk. And, of course, that Trump’s going to address a burgeoning national security scandal on Twitter. [Courthouse News Service]

* If you think movie theaters are a racket, well, the Department of Justice thinks that’s worth looking into. []

* Dean Erwin Chemerinsky explains why firing James Comey didn’t spark a constitutional crisis — but that’s about the only good thing he has to say about the administration. [Newsweek]

* German law enforcement’s search of local Jones Day offices was legal. VW plans to turbocharge an appeal. [Reuters]

* This may come as a shock, but Arizona Summit Law School isn’t doing well. [Arizona Central]

* Conan has to go to trial on joke theft allegations. [NY Times]

* What to know about the Supreme Court’s latest arbitration decision. Besides, “y’all are screwed” of course. [Law360]
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