Morning Docket: 04.25.17


* Who says you can never go home again? Neil Eggleston, White House Counsel under President Obama, return to Kirkland & Ellis. []

* The Biglaw scandal that just keeps giving and giving and giving… The Dewey retrial nears its end. [New York Law Journal]

* North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein has opened up an investigation into the troubled Charlotte School of Law. We’ll have more on this story later today. [Politico]

* The Republican controlled North Carolina General Assembly is trying to mess with Democratic Governor Roy Cooper’s ability to appoint judges to their state courts. But Judge J. Douglas McCullough — a Republican — has at least one trick up his sleeve to thwart the plan. [Slate]

* The NRA is ramping up its legal strategy in California as they anticipate the future political direction of the courts there. [LA Times]

* The excuse “the Russians did it” just doesn’t fly in the world of tax law… not even if you are Sotheby’s. [New York Times]
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